Mindfulness and Beyond Meditation Course


In this course you will be introduced to a variety of meditation techniques designed to cultivate inner stillness, concentration, energetic awareness and insight. It draws on a range of traditions, principally Buddhism, alongside several Western traditions. It is suitable for those entirely new to meditation or to experienced meditators wishing to explore new practices.

Each section contains written and verbal meditation instructions alongside a short led meditation that guides you through the meditation directly. After an overarching introduction, which aims to set the ground for a realistic and flexible approach to meditation, the practices taught are as follows:

  1. Mindfulness and Awareness—Preparing the Ground
  2. Visualisation—Healing, Restorative and Energising
  3. Opening and Outpouring to Others—Compassionate Awareness
  4. Freeing the Mind—Luminosity & Space

For those wanting to practice the techniques in person and/or collectively Mediation Workshops are conducted monthly.

Note: The course is neither a wholly psychological-secular approach to meditation, nor does it rely on any commitment to religious or metaphysical beliefs.

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