The Masters of Philosophy – Premium

The Masters of Philosophy is a foundational introductory course encompassing ethics, psychology, philosophy and meditation. The purpose of the course is to teach the most fundamental tenets necessary to living a life of moral, intellectual, social and spiritual flourishing. The Masters of Philosophy has been carefully designed to be accessible and usable for those without backgrounds in the aforementioned disciplines. The course draws on exemplary thinkers from ancient and modern traditions, across different cultures – including: Aristotle, Confucius, The Buddha, Freud, Hobbes, Kant and Buber.

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5 Lectures
  • The standard rate ($75.00AUD) includes: 5 lectures (via mp3 download and/or video slideshow), 1 primary text (pdf) to read for each lecture, comprehensive lecture notes (pdf) and unrestricted email correspondence with Dr Mendelson at your convenience.
  • The premium rate ($120.00AUD) includes: all of the above + sequential online learning module + essay submission with full feedback provided + 1 hour skype consultation with Dr Mendelson at your convenience.
  • Concession rates are available for those who sincerely wish to take the course but are unwaged or lack the financial means. Please enquire via our contact form.
$120 - Purchase This Course